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Our Service

We offer Human Remains Repatriation with most of the airlines operating in Mexico, which offer transportation services of human remains in body, ashes or bones. Our services may vary depending on the airline, but we strive to offer a compassionate and specialized service to assist in the transportation of funeral shipments.


As IATA's members, we offer our customers a full range of standardized and specialized solutions. 


We have our own funeral units for an efficient and expeditious service of human remains.


We offer diverse solutions of national and international transportation of supplies and equipment of the funeral sector:

- Import and export customs clearance

- Door to door service

- Shipment consolidation

- International carriage of carriages

We belong to:

FUN 1.webp

Asociación Nacional de Directores de Funerarias  A.C


Asociación de Propietarios de Funerarias y Embalsamadores del D.F A.C


Atembal Asociación de Técnicos Embalsamadores de la República Mexicana


We are here to support you in the most difficult times

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Call us at (52-55) 2616-0893

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